VRF Rehabilitation Shelter for Trafficked Children

Report cases of trafficking and forced labor please call +233 (0) 559 223 445

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Empowering Child Survivors

VRF Shelter's Path to Healing and Reintegration

In December 2022 we opened a temporary rehabilitation shelter called the ‘VRF Shelter’ for children from Ada and adjacent communities. The shelter is fully equipped to care for 15-20 children both male and female, with separated living quarters and two (2) live-in house ‘parents’ who are trained in mental health and trauma behavior to help meet the needs of every child. There are four (4) bedrooms in the downstairs unit and two (2) bathrooms, this will be designated for the boys. The upstairs unit has three (3) bedrooms and two (2) bathrooms and is designated for girls. The Ada District Hospital will care for all the health needs of the survivors and is only 5 km from the VRF Shelter.

All our Liberate Me programs include trauma informed mentorship, culture troupe, education, fun and activities, basic needs, and more.

The rehabilitation curriculum includes emotional and mental health, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, and life reflection & planning. Trained and experienced staff will carry out the rehabilitation with strict oversight and transparent reporting. During the rehabilitation, the average day is structured much like a school day, the children don their uniforms, bring their bags and sit at desks to learn from a teacher. The schedule also integrates a lot of rest and play so that the childhood is restored.

For each child we identify specific goals and criteria for them and their families to reach before leaving the shelter, and through careful evaluation, critical care, and many mentorship sessions the child will graduate from the program and be re-integrated with their families. In efforts to end the cycle of trafficking and forced labor Volta Revival also provides a mentorship program to the family of the survivor which includes: human rights and law, economics, and sexual and reproductive health, in addition to a personalized program for each family. For qualifying families, a business startup kit will be provided for them to begin doing a business of their choosing after being trained by the VRF Smart Business Program.