“Volunteering for the Volta Revival Foundation was truly the most eye opening experience in terms of learning about how connected we all are as humans”

As a Volta Revival Foundation volunteer in Ghana our team welcomes you like family! With options to volunteer as a teachers aid, lead creative workshops for our sponsored students, be a sports coach, work as an intern at the local hospital, engage in research, plant trees and run community clean ups and campaigns, and so much more we know you will fit in perfectly in our tight-knit community!

Our philosophy is co-creation and cross cultural collaboration and we do this by supporting community led initiatives for positive development. Our model of working with local communities is non intrusive, and asks first what the community wants and how to make that sustainable before imposing our ideas about development. For those looking for an opportunity to learn, to experience a new way of life, and to work with local people on an equal footing while contributing to long term community led projects, then the Volta Revival Foundation Volunteer/intern opportunity is for you! Check out our volunteer informational document for more information about our projects and volunteer house.

David, Spain

I will never have words to thank Mershack and Volta Revival Foundation for the possibility they have given me to help in Ghana. I’ve been able to play with Ada Foah’s boys and girls, and train them in basketball, what’s amazing is to see happiness in their eyes, and realize they’re actually making you happier. I was also able to create a project fromg the ground up to bring water to Kewunor school and buy a 3500 litre water tank they need that will facilitate their day by day water needs. Volunteering with the Volta Revival Found has been one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life . Nothing would have been possible without volta revival foundation and without the tireless work of mershack kabu aklie, thank you very much for making so many people happy, for connecting me with so many wonderful people, for making me fall in love with Ghana and for making dreams possible Of many people.

Tanja, Germany

I volunteered with the school support project at the Kewunor community primary school at the Ada estuary near Ada Foah Ghana from September 2016 to December 2016. I stayed with Monique and Mershack the directors of the organization while I was there and found the accommodations and company very pleasant. Not only did the directors take extra care to make me comfortable but they also took time to brief me on their policies and philosophies in working with communities which I found to be very helpful and respectful towards the community. While there I worked with students on their homework, English skills, swimming lessons, and conducted a sanitation workshop. The Volta Revival Foundation was attentive to all details, making sure I was always safe and even planed lovely excursions to the Volta region and along the Ghana coast. I recommend this volunteer program with 5 stars out of 5.

Kyle, USA

Volunteering for the Volta Revival Foundation in the fall of 2017 was truly the most eye opening experience in terms of learning about connected we all are as humans. Ghana is the ideal Place to volunteer, and Ada is Paradise! Monique and Mershack run a great program, showing volunteers the community and giving us the tools to really make a difference. I was involved with the environmental protection program, and worked closely with the Ada youth community group, which was a lot of fun, and made many friends! Overall, I would say volunteering for the Volta Revival Foundation was one of the best decisions of my life.


Water is Life Implementation Project September to October Annually

The problem of waterborne illness is deadly for island and coastal communities in Ada, Ghana. Children suffer the most and such illnesses often go untreated until it’s too late. The Water is Life program, in partnership with LifeStraw, provides partner communities with education and filtration units alongside a system for child empowerment and data collection to create mentality changes about WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene). The September 2023 implementation focused on 22 coastal and riverine communities to provide 100 community-size filters and 1000 household filters according to our child-focused method with the goal of establishing waterborne-illness-free communities. We will also be working with partner communities where there are no freshwater reserves or borehole capabilities to establish rainwater catchment systems. Additionally, we will be building multiple pit latrines and providing infant and maternal supplements.

Volunteers play a critical role in this project by helping us bring critical supplies to Ghana, building, and working with communities to educate and mentor about the importance of WASH protocols. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to provide support and establish knowledge exchange!

Cost Includes:

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Visa Support
  • Orientation
  • Volunteer Reflection Guide
  • 24/7 on the ground support
  • Housekeeping
  • Estuary Tour
  • Volunteer Party
Interested? Contact us at moniquevanden@voltarevival.org

General Volunteering Information

Duration Cost
Weekend $50
1 Week $150
2 Weeks $240
1 Month $450

The main volunteer fees are for food, meals, cleaning, transportation, and other services provided in Ghana by our team at Volta Revival. Volunteers will be provided with dinner and are responsible for cooking their breakfast (will be provided with food items). Lunch will be provided on any days spent at the shelter, otherwise, the volunteer will be able to purchase a lunch. Vegetarian Option Available.


Volunteers will have access to our beautiful and simple accommodation in central Ada Foah, 10 minutes from the ocean and river! The male and female dormitories each have 4 beds and share a bath house. Shared kitchen and food items for breakfast. There is also camping potential. Alternative accommodation is an Airbnb by the Ocean provided by a local partner organization for an additional cost.