Your monthly contribution of $45 provides your child survivor of trafficking and forced labor slavery with comprehensive educational and well-being needs ensuring a positive future for your student along with their family and communtiy. Our VRF Scholars sponsorship program provides each student with quality education, trauma informed mentorship, arts therapy, food aid, health care, field trips, and so much more.

As a sponsor we provide you with quarterly welfare updates about your students educational progress, health, family life, and emotional wellbeing, including a letter from your student and a report card.

We empower our scholars to be change makers in their communities to advocates against child forced labor and proof of the benefits of educational opportunity.


We do not provide direct cash payments to our students or their families, rather we pay their fees and provide their needs on a quarterly basis while pooling the remaining resources to provide mentorship, field trips and arts therapy programs.

While sponsorship is an entirely voluntary process the intention is for sponsors to continue their support through the child’s education cycle with the option to continue support through university or technical school. This time period is often 10-15 years and is an incredibly rewarding journey.

No. We match individual children with individual sponsors. You can engage with your student personally through letters, welfare reports, educational reports, and photos to track their journey and progress.

It is your choice whether you write to your student. We encourage at least an introduction letter from you and your family explaining a bit about who you are and where you come from. We believe this helps our students to build trust in our program and feel connected to their sponsor.

No. At Volta Revival we desire to welcome all religions and beliefs. We value human rights as the foundation of all our work and give our students the freedom to choose their religion and spirituality.


As a sponsor you will recive a letter from your student every break which will be scanned and sent digitally to your email. You can respond by sending a digital message, or by sending their letters to the Volta Revival Foundation at PO BOX AF 12, Ada Foah, East District, Ghana, West Africa.

If you are interseted in visiting your student, the Volta Revival Foundation can offer you accomodation, meals, airport pick up/ drop off, transportation, fun excursions through Motherland Travel and Excursion. Visiting Ghana is a great way to understand the daily experience of your student, and a great way to learn about another culture! Ghana is a very friendly and beautiful place, and we encourage everyone to come and be changed for the better! For more information about volunteering visit our page: