Sponsor a Student; Change Two Lives!

These students are in need of sponsors for their education! Please consider partnering with these brilliant children to offer them the future they dream about! When you sponsor a student, not only will you support a child who is at risk of dropping out with the opportunity to focus on their education by providing meals, school supplies, and other necessary items; you will also have the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with an amazing human being! Sponsoring a student is a $30 monthly commitment which will literally give one student the power to decide their own future. Currently the Volta Revival Foundation is partnered with the Kewunor Azizanya primary and Junior high school which is a community built and supported school at the Ada Estuary in Ghana West Africa. The school has access to very little funds, and the students have even less, often being forced to work long hours to afford the the costs surrounding their education including: money for breakfast and lunch, school uniforms and shoes, books and school supplies, light for doing homework, sanitary items (which particularly limits girls), and other essentials which their parents or guardians cannot afford for the children. Kewunor and Azizanya are small fishing communities which sell their fish for about $0.25 each, on top of that, because of pollution there are significantly less fish to catch. The community is in the middle of a transition period, where they are diversifying their skills and working hard to develop their community, but they need help to do this. Please read the student profiles for more information about their specific circumstances and to learn more about the community.


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