OUF and VRF Press release

In December 2023 The One Ummah Foundation and Volta Revival Foundation entered into partnership for the goal of ending child labor and trafficking in Ghana! With an initial donation of $1,000 from the One Ummah Foundation Volta Revival Foundation paid the school fees of 67 survivors of forced labor and trafficking to ensure re-trafficking cannot occur, the funding also supported the cost of putting a high school student back into school. The student was unable to go to high school after junior high school due to the cost of boarding fees, and supplies since her grandparents were local farmers. During the year she was out of school her mother, who does not care for her came to take her away to be forced labor in the hospitality sector. Her grandparents fiercely guarded her against this but due to their age and occupation, they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to help her. In fact, when the Volta Revival staff and social welfare worker came to check on the reported situation the grandparents believed them to be the traffickers and doused them with water to fight them off before they could explain that they had come to help the girl go back to school. Now three months later the girl is in school and filled with joy and gratitude saying, “My life has started again, now I will become a fashion designer and seamstress, I am so grateful for life!” Volta Revival Foundation extends our extreme gratitude to the One Ummah Foundation for their partnership with us towards providing for trafficked children and ending child labor in Ghana and around the world! We look forward to a fruitful partnership by providing for the children and allowing them to achieve their fullest purpose in life.