Our Vision

The Volta Revival Foundation is a social justice based non-profit organization which seeks to center community participation and research in our goal to open up more educational opportunity, economic independence, health and sanitation, human rights, and inter-community solidarity. We work with communities effected by the Akosombo and Kpong dams in Ghana. We support communities living along the Volta river and lake and those who have been resettlened, because the impacts have effected everyone extensively. While our organization works on a local level, we understand that the struggle to protect natural resources and rural life is a global endeavor. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the Movement Against Large Dams, which seeks to uncover the devastating impacts large dams have on indigenous rights, human rights, nature rights, and our ability to provide a healthy planet for our children. Our goals are ambitious, with the aim of eradicating poverty through sustainable community driven development and assuring just compensation is given to all effected by the dam. To us, this means that our projects must be lead by the community from start to finish because, no one understands the needs and possible solutions for revival than those most impacted. The Volta Revival Foundation seeks to focus and fund issues concerning the environment, health care, educational opportunity, gender equality, employment and community advocacy. Projects are developed in collaboration with the Volta Revival Foundation and community groups. Our projects are funded through donations, grants, and partnerships, if you are interested in working with us please contact our office at voltarevival@gmail.com.