Human rights are the driving force behind the Volta Revival Foundation, they are the reason the foundation was established and have played a central role in all our activities. Because of the expressed need by Ghanaian’s living in the delta and upstream to have a more powerful voice in the development of their homelands, the Volta Revival Foundation established its Human Rights Advocacy Program. Through this program we offer support to communities whose basic rights are being violated.

The Volta Revival Foundation uses its platform and voice to speak out against human rights abuses in Ghana, and has worked with communities to create strategies, fundraising projects, and awareness surrounding the issue. We specialize in advocacy relating to haphazard or illegal development projects which threaten the existence of communities.



A community of about 1200 people at the Ada estuary is being threatened with displacement by a hotel resort project called Ada Turtle Bay which would be built by Trasacco and run by Hilton. Throughout the planning stages of this project the community has been shut out of negotiations, and their human rights are being threatened. Additionally, the estuary is extremely vulnerable, and we know from other major resort projects, that the endangered sea turtles are often run off the shores where they lay their eggs.

In collaboration with the Kewunor Advocates an association formed to put pressure on the Ghana government and the companies for their human and earth rights violations. The Volta Revival Foundation has worked closely with the community and the Kewunor Advocates to raise awareness about this issue, and to fund-raise for the legal costs.