Child Marriage and Sexual Abuse

An issue that is very common in Ada and other rural areas is child marriage and sexual abuse. Child marriage in some communities is a common practice and consists of grown men taking child brides. This is done due to the poverty of the girl's family, the assets of the man, and the relevancy of the cultural practice.

Some men prefer child brides because they do not have agency, cannot argue with them, and cannot leave. Volta Resilient sees this practice to be an extension of forced labor and slavery-like practices and seeks obliterate this practice through the same intervention methods as in anti-trafficking cases.

Teenage pregnancy is also commonplace in Ada, with some partner schools reporting that one in five girls are dropping out of basic school due to this. Volta Resilient recognizes this as a huge driver in causing child trafficking and abuse because teenage mothers and fathers are often not ready or financially capable of taking care of a child, this results in unwanted children, being taken care of by extended family members, and in many cases trafficked at a very young age. This results in continued child abuse and neglect and allows for the cycles to continue.

Volta Resilient works with partner schools and communities to implement our sexual and reproductive health curriculum which educates both boys and girls on the importance of waiting for marriage, consent, protection, STI’s, and how to report abuse.