Case Management

The Liberate Me Program engages entire communities behaviorally and psychologically to establish the anti-trafficking mentality to report about returned children and to return the children through the community lines of communication. We have partnered with multiple communities to carry out this community-wide anti-trafficking and abuse method to provide a safety net for the children of the entire community.(Link to Liberate Me report). Once a child is rescued, they are rehabilitated during a month- long stay at our shelter and provided with human rights and legal education, emotional wellbeing training, and sexual and reproductive health training to ensure children are empowered to prevent repeat abuse. They are also provided with basic needs, education, and the school supplies necessary to return to their homes and communities and be fully reintegrated with family members who have also been given human rights and trauma-informed training to understand the legal implications of child labor, and trafficking, and abuse.

Once the child is fully reintegrated and enrolled in school we are committed to supporting them through school fees and supplies and developing the school as a key institution for community growth. This may mean providing quarterly furniture, infrastructure, or other needs in the school to ensure all students receive the benefits of being an anti-trafficking partner school and community.

It costs $100 monthly to support a partner school, therefore if 10 people sponsor monthly at $10 a month, or if 5 people sponsor at $20 a month an entire school and all its children who live in a community earmarked as a trafficking and abuse hotspot are safeguarded and provided the support they need to stay in their communities and provide the development it desperately needs.

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