Wind power comes to the Azizakpe Community school!

Azizakpe is an island community in the Ada Volta river estuary. It faces a myriad of development issues but principle is their lack of electricity because of their separation from the mainland. In response to this challenge, with the help of 5 engineering students from the poly-technical university of Catalonia in Barcelona Spain over the next year we will provide enough wind powered electricity to light the school, allowing for students to truly benefit from their education!

Over the course of September 2019 these students and our Volta Revival Foundation team will be conducting feasibility studies on the island and partnering with the Ada technical Institute to use their workshop in order to source materials locally. Additionally, a team of local engineers and electricians will work closely with the students so that the wind turbine in its completed state will have guardians to look after it and make sure the project is sustained. The team will leave at the end of September, and then will come back in 2020 to finish the construction and implementation phases. The Volta Revival Foundation looks forward to creating positive change for the residents of Azizakpe, together we make a difference! #volunteerengineeringopportunity#islandvolunteer#envronmentalprotectionGhana#DevelpmentinAfrica#VolunteerinGhana#Ghanaruraldevelopment#Investinginchildren#UPC#Partnership#grassrootschange

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