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Our Mission and Vision Statement

The Volta Resilient Foundation builds on traditional systems of community culture to establish stronger social and environmental safety nets so that all children are protected and provided the best upbringing to become the changemakers of tomorrow.

The Volta Resilient Foundation's vision is to end all forms of child trafficking, forced labor, marriage, and abuse, and restore the environment to its natural state.

We do this through the community-based networks established over the last decade to ensure we work together to promote holistic development and communal engagement.

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Survivor

Empowering child survivors of forced labor + trafficking


Your donations help us with our abolitionist work.

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VRF is committed to the 100% model.

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In The Years We've Been Operational...


Communities Partner

Funded VRF Scholars

Children Rescued

Local Staff

Built Bed Shelter

Provided Pure Water


Trees Planted


Lives Touched


Supplied With Aid

Children Sponsored


Survivors Rehabilitated

Sponsored School

Wide working group established in a District

District partnerred with all local government bodies



What We Plan To Do


Rescue & Rehabilitate 100 Survivors of Trafficking

The Liberate Me Program focuses on community led investigations and interventions to end child trafficking and to find, rescue and rehabilitate trafficked children. This year VRF will be able to rescue and rehabilitate 50-100 child survivors of forced labor and trafficking.

Pure Water, Education, and Monitoring for 50,000

In 2023 VRF will carry out our largest scale implementation to provide 50,000 people in 22 communities through our Water is Life program. In partnership with the company LifeStraw, we provide pure water filters, training and education, and continuous monitoring to partner.

Preserve 5,000 ha of Mangroves & Reforest 500 ha

The Mangrove Project seeks to improve ecosystems and decrease poverty through the voluntary recreation of the mangrove-firewood supply chain. Through continued community partnerships, training, and systematic developments we will preserve 5,000 hectares of mangroves and begin reforestation.

Begin Construction on Permanent Rehabilitation Shelter in Ada

Currently VRF is renting the space where we operate the shelter, in 2023 our goal is to begin construction on a permanent shelter on our property and open by 2024. This space will provide VRF with the permanent place to rehabilitate Ada's children, and provide healing.

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