Liberate Me Ending forced labor in Ghana and offering
a holistic care approach to those affected.
Sponsor a Survivor We empower our scholars to be
change makers in their communities
Environmental Protection We envision a cleaner, greener, and bluer Ghana. LEARN MORE Human Rights Human rights are the driving force behind the Volta Revival Foundation.
We offer support to communities whose basic rights are being violated.
Roots Culture Our Roots Culture Troupe comes together to teach
important lessons to the Ghanian public.
Disaster Relief Your $25 donation provides a family of 6 two weeks’ worth of
food + essentials, giving them time to make enough funds
to support their children’s education.
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Join Us this coming October, 2023

The Water is Life Programme

Join Us at the Ada Community Stakeholders Forum on Child Protection!

Working Together for Child Protection in Ada

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Community Stakeholders Forum on Child Protection in Ada. Together, let’s create a safer environment for our children and empower our community to actively participate in ensuring their well-being. This event will provide valuable insights, discussions, and strategies for effective child protection. Your presence and support are highly valued as we work towards a brighter future for the children of Ada.

Stay tuned for more details and join us in fostering a safe and nurturing community for our children.

In the years we've been operational...

Milestones in our mission to protect vulnerable children

Communities Partner
Funded VRF Scholars
Children Rescued
Local Staff
Built Bed Shelter
Provided Pure Water
Trees Planted
Lives touched
supplied with aid
Children sponsored
Survivors Rehabilitated
Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at our foundation's journey

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What we plan to do


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Water is Life Implementation Project September to October Annually

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Rescue & Rehabilitate 100 Survivors of Trafficking
The Liberate Me Program focuses on community led investigations and interventions to end child trafficking and to find, rescue and rehabilitate trafficked children. This year VRF will be able to rescue and rehabilitate 50-100 child survivors of forced labor and trafficking.
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Pure Water, Education, and Monitoring for 50,000
In 2023 VRF will carry out our largest scale implementation to provide 50,000 people in 22 communities through our Water is Life program. In partnership with the company LifeStraw, we provide pure water filters, training and education, and continuous monitoring to partner.
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Preserve 5,000 ha of Mangroves & Reforest 500 ha
The Mangrove Project seeks to improve ecosystems and decrease poverty through the voluntary recreation of the mangrove-firewood supply chain. Through continued community partnerships, training, and systematic developments we will preserve 5,000 hectares of mangroves and begin reforestation.
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Begin Construction on Permanent Rehabilitation Shelter in Ada
Currently VRF is renting the space where we operate the shelter, in 2023 our goal is to begin construction on a permanent shelter on our property and open by 2024. This space will provide VRF with the permanent place to rehabilitate Ada's children, and provide healing.

How You Can Help

Sponsor a Survivor
Empowering child survivors of forced labor + trafficking
Your donations help us with our abolitionist work.
Become a Founder
VRF is committed to the 100% model.
Become a volunteer
Our volunteers are what make Volta's mission possible!